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The new solo project of Laars Naumenko

12.02.2014 00:41
The debut e-single and video of new solo project of Laars Naumenko - DELFINIA - I"m Here released! The single includes two songs: I"m Here and Loneliness. Download the full version of the single on official web site: http://laarskn.wix.com/delfinia

Sunrise 10th anniversary shots

20.12.2013 17:48

Sunrise 10th anniversary concert!

02.11.2013 01:50
November 24th, Club "Bochka"

Homepage of Konstantin "Laars" Naumenko

03.10.2013 10:18
Welcome to the new official homepage of Konstantin 'Laars' Naumenko: http://laarskn.wix.com/laarsnaumenko

SUNRISE on the radio

29.08.2013 20:35

Our EP

30.03.2013 11:27
Good news! Our EP "Hope And Pray", which earlier was published as internet-release, now published on CDs by SUBLIMITY Records! This CD includes bonuses: the cover-version of "If I Could Fly" (by Helloween), the two live videos to the songs "Hope And Pray" and "Live In Peace" and also it contains 8-pages booklet. This release is very limited edition - only 100 copies and every CD has its own number! Collectors are welcome!;) http://sublimity.bandcamp.com/album/hope-and-pray

Sweden Rock Festival 2013

24.12.2012 13:28
SUNRISE is one of the 145 bands that have entered the first voting round of band competition for Sweden Rock Festival 2013! Please, support us and vote for us here: http://www.swedenrock.com/index.cfm?lg=2&pg=82
(Need no registration)

The latest news!

15.05.2012 23:22
Now it is time to inform you about some changes in our band. Unfortunately, our solo-guitarist Alexey Shekhovtsov leave the band for the personal reasons. We are wishing him success and inspiration in all further affairs! And now we want to introd... [readmore]

The new live video!

18.01.2012 00:21
Check up our new live video from Global East Fest 2011!
It was filmed by PicOi Production team and it's our first professional video!

SUNRISE Live in club Kiev

26.09.2011 10:16

New SUNRISE single

14.09.2011 16:45
The new SUNRISE single, called "Hope and Pray", is available to download right now!

1 Hope And Pray
2 Live In Peace
3 Take You High (CB Milton cover)

You can download it here:

http://upload.com.ua/get/902843446/SUNRISE - Hope And Pray (single 2011).rar


Another new interview (Russian)

16.08.2011 12:54
Shot In The Dark:

The new interview with SUNRISE!

08.08.2011 10:44
Here you can read the new interview with the vocalist Konstantin Naumenko:

SUNRISE will play at Global East Open Air 2011

26.06.2011 02:06
This autumn SUNRISE will play at the biggest Ukrainian festival - Global East Open Air 2011!
Details will be soon.

New solo-guitarist

30.04.2011 00:11
Now it's time to inform you about some changes in our band and to introduce the name of our new solo-guitarist. This is Alexey Shekhovtsov!

We are very glad about the o... [readmore]

The new bass-player and the other news!

04.12.2010 14:27
Hello, friends!

Now it's time to introduce the name of our new bass-player and this is Ruslan 'Dervish' Vakulyuk!

He is very talented and wonderful musician and we hope for good and fruitful cooperation with him!
Also we want to report you that, unfortunately, the keyboard-player Eduard Fefer doesn't play in SUNRISE anymore.
Now, SUNRISE is actively working on the new songs and we have about 20 new compositions! We hope to start the recording of the new album in the beginning of 2011.
Soon we will update more specific information about the upcoming album, so watch the news!

Vote for SUNRISE on RTNA 2010

10.11.2010 11:55
You can help SUNRISE to take a record deal with Noice Art Records with worldwide distribution and touring in Europe in 2011!

Vote for SUNRISE here:


Our destiny is in your hands!"

New live videos added!

23.09.2010 16:19
Here you can see the new live video from our performance at "Global East Festival" 2010:




SUNRISE looking for bass-player

23.09.2010 16:16
Unfortutately we announce that Evgeniy Kostyukevich, bass-player, has decided to leave SUNRISE. We wish him the best on his musical way.

SUNRISE at Global East 2010

31.08.2010 10:57
2th of September SUNRISE will play at the opening of the biggest Ukrainian rock festival - GLOBAL EAST ROCK FESTIVAL 2010!
We will start at 1:00 PM (13:00)

New live video and new review of Trust Your Soul

15.06.2010 10:53

Here you can see the video of our recent acoustic performance:
Love Will Set You Free (LIVE)

And also here is another good review of "Trust Your Soul" album from Metal Archives:
Sunrise (Ukr)'s page
Trust Your Soul
Reviews archives
Rating - 95%


04.06.2010 09:03



19.04.2010 00:36
At last we have the new version and design of our site! Now you can check here all the latest news and updates! Welcome!

Another good reviews of "Trust Your Soul"!!

19.04.2010 00:35
Here is another two good reviews of "Trust Your Soul":
http://powermetal.de/review/review-Sunrise/Trust_Your_Soul,15300.html (Germany)
8 out of 10 points
http://www.metalloitaliano.it/ (Italy)
no rating

The first review to the "Trust Your soul" album!!

19.04.2010 00:35
Here is the first review to our upcoming album "Trust Your Soul" from METAL TO INFINITY e-zine (BELGIUM), 92 out of 100 points


19.04.2010 00:35
Our second album, called 'Trust Your Soul', is out now on EMMECIESSE/HEART OF STEEL RECORDS!!

The CD is available as CD DIGIPACK Limited edition. Send your request to:

All the information about the release and the price is here: